Governing Body

Governing Body

The Governing Body, or Board of Governors as it is usually known, was established under the provisions of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992. Its function is to decide on strategic policy and the overall direction of the College, as well as to hold senior management accountable for the running of the College and for adherence to its Mission.


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Volunteer as a governor – support your local community, utilise your expertise and progress in your career! Click here for further information

To find out more about the vital role played by Governors in FE colleges, follow the link below and watch any of the inspiring clips provided by Inspiring FE Governance, a service dedicated to supporting people into a governor role.

Our Instruments and Articles have been reviewed and approved, however a signed copy has not yet been returned to us, therefore we continue to adopt the previous version. Please find below a copy of our existing Instrument of Government and Articles of Association and a draft of the newly approved version.