Stay Safe at St Mary’s

St Mary’s College, Blackburn are ready for September 2020 and have introduced a wide range of new safety measures to keep students and staff safe whilst adhering to Government Guidelines for Covid-19.

Students can take advantage of the extra private bus services which span across Lancashire. The private buses ensure that no public transport needs to be taken and that students are safe on their arrival and departure from St Mary’s College. Not to mention our spacious campus is set away from hustle and bustle of Blackburn town centre, so all outdoor and indoor space is safe and secure.

There will be smaller class sizes, with students in dedicated study bubbles which also includes one teacher. The learning in College will take place 3 days a week with the addition of a robust programme online learning, online enrolment & online induction. This is a great opportunity for students to take advantage of increased study and recreational time if you study closer to home avoiding long commutes in rush hour traffic.

Please remember if you’ve attended an interview with us, your place is secure and there is no need to enrol early, enrolment will take place when you receive your GCSE results from Thursday 20th August.

There is still time to apply with us, applications are still open for September 2020. Apply online here.