Learning Support

Learning Support

St Mary’s College is an inclusive college which believes that ‘All teachers are teachers of Special Educational Needs’

What is Learning Support?

Learning Support is the additional support that a student may access to address an assessed specific learning need.

Learning support is intended to support students to learn effectively and cope with the demands of their programme of study and college life.

What are the aims of Learning Support?

  • To make the learning demands of courses more explicit and to make learning skills development a conscious and integral part of course provision.
  • To help individual students to cope more effectively with the study skill demands of their courses.
  • To improve student performance on course and in examinations by providing specialist support and arrangements that meet individual need.
  • To enable all students to be included in the learning opportunities of the College.
  • To share specialist strategies (including use of ILT) that are relevant to needs identified and enhance learning potential whilst promoting independent learning.

Supported Internship

We will also be running a Supported Internship programme from September 2019. Supported Internships are there specifically to provide opportunities for students to gain meaningful work experience in an area they are interested in with a view to moving into paid employment when they have finished at College. Those in the Internship programme will be fully supported in the workplace by a mentor and will also continue to study another subject at St Mary’s College. Interns will spend 2 days in work placement a week and the remainder of time in college on their specific study programme. Supported Internships have proven to be a successful bridge for students to move across into paid employment straight from college.

Supported Internships are for students with an EHC plan however Access Ability are able to offer several places for students without EHC plans. Those who take up these places will be able to access the same programme as is being offered for those with EHC plans with the potential same outcome of working towards paid employment. These additional places will be limited however. In the even that we have more applications than places, a selection process will be run to determine those who demonstrate the correct qualities to be able to be successful on the programme. This will take into account behavioural record and attendance.

The Supported Internship programme will be delivered in partnership between St Mary’s College and Access Ability, a local charity which supports young people and adults into work.

Learning Support Contact Information

If you require any further information regarding; the learning support available at St Mary’s College, please in the first instance contact the college switch board on 01254 580464 or
email senco@stmarysblackburn.ac.uk

Learning Support College Offer

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