Parents Hub

Parents Hub

Student Guidance have created a range of resources. Students also should access Pearltrees on a regular basis to keep up to date with latest updates and resources. The Resources links below will provide a broad outline of the support available. 

National Apprenticeship Week Resources For Parents

For more information please click here.

Student Finance 2022

For more information on student finance, please click here.

Please read the latest Parents’ Guide to University 2022. From applications to funding, accommodation to career goals, we’re donning our parent cap to unpack the world of university and Student Finance.

For more information on understanding student living costs, please click here.

Apprenticeship Guidance For Parents

For more information regarding apprenticeships, please click here.

Top Tips for Starting a Career Conversation and Being Supportive

We understand how challenging it can be to support your child in making informed decisions about their future career. Here’s  a helpful link at Not Going to Uni  that will provide guidance to you as parent in terms of your child career advise.