Royal Marine Commando Matt Mason Visit

Ex-student Matt Mason returned to St Mary’s to share his experiences since leaving College. Matt gave students an inspiring talk to our current students to share his journey.

Since leaving St Mary’s in 2007, Matt went to a prestigious university to study Disaster Management. Midway through the course Matt decided he wanted to join the Royal Marines and enjoy life’s adventures.

Having spent 13 years in the Royal Marines, Matt has also allowed time for expeditions including an 8 man adventure rowing from Gran Canaria to Barbados where Matt and his team of 7 made history with a world record of for completing this expedition!

Now Matt and his team of 4 Royal Marine Officers will be completing a new challenge in May this year, where they will be rowing from New York’s Brooklyn Bridge to London’s Tower Bridge.

The team, also known as Ocean Revival, are in the hopes of being the first team to complete the row across the North Atlantic Ocean in 70 days. No team has rowed from New York to London, so this is a first!

Ocean Revival are completing the challenge to raise awareness of the impact of plastic pollution in our oceans and how this has affected  the environment, with 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans every year.

The adventure will be an endurance test for the team who will be working to a strict schedule of two hours rowing and two hours resting alongside the factor of unpredictable weather conditions, but the team are well equipped and have a state of the art rowing boat that is ready for all weather conditions.

Mr Hope, who organised the visit said, “We were very proud to welcome former student and serving Royal Marine Commando Matt Mason back to SMC to share with us his achievements and his upcoming challenge. Matt is an inspirational character and we wish Matt and the rest of the crew a safe and successful journey across the Atlantic. Matt also made some very poignant points regarding the serious problem of plastic in our oceans and on the back of this, it is hoped that going forward we may all be inclined to make small changes to help with this prominent issue.”

All of us at St Mary’s wish the Ocean Revival team the best of luck! For more information and to find out how to donate to the challenge, please click here.