The Further Mathematics course is designed for those who are committed and strong mathematicians and want to study the subject beyond the scope of the Mathematics course.  This course is more likely to be beneficial for those students intending to progress to University to read Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Computer Science or Engineering or Sciences beyond College.

You must have a strong interest in Mathematics and be able to work independently. You need to be organised and be prepared to practise the learnt techniques outside class contact time. You also need to show considerable determination and a desire to solve multi-faceted problems. Algebraic skills are particularly paramount.

Since the course extends those topics studied in the first year of the standard A Level Mathematics course, students will study AS Further Mathematics alongside this in the first instance.

Entry Requirements

General Entry Requirements
A Level programmes require a minimum of 2 GCSEs at grade 6 and 3 GCSEs at grade 5.

Subject Specific Requirements:
Mathematics grade 7. Further Mathematics is available as an AS Level option. Students will need to be on a package of four subjects.

How will I be assessed?

Our Further Mathematics qualifications are structured to allow a wide range of opportunities for students, as well as bringing flexibility to delivery.

Students working towards an AS Further Mathematics qualification will complete two externally-examined papers at the end of their first year.

Students will be able to use a calculator in each exam.

If students then decide to work towards an A Level Further Mathematics qualification, they will complete four externally-examined papers at the end of their second year. Students will be able to use a calculator in each exam.

A Level Further Mathematics demand questions are likely to be less-structured and be longer questions compared to AS Further Mathematics.

Please note, the grade achieved in AS Further Mathematics would need to be forfeited and will not count towards the award of the A Level Further Mathematics qualification at the end of the second year.

Where does it lead?

Further Mathematics offers a broader view of A Level Mathematics and strengthens understanding of topics covered in A Level Mathematics. Therefore, the study of Further Mathematics is essential for any student who is thinking of studying Mathematics, Physics or Engineering, particularly at a prestigious university.

Students of Further Mathematics are highly sought after in the fields of Engineering, Actuarial Science and Science related fields including Physics, Sports Science, Finance, Economics and Design, to name a few.

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