Are you concerned about world poverty and climate change? Do you feel that living standards are
improving? Do you understand how exchange rates affect how much your holiday will cost? Do you
understand the dramatic impact that markets have on your life? Are you interested in current affairs but find some aspects difficult to understand?

Studying Economics will vastly increase your understanding of many topical issues which are important in today’s global society.

Economics is not an easy subject – it is highly academic and challenging, but the rewards in terms of a greater appreciation of our world while
gaining a highly respected qualification, make all the hard work worthwhile!

Economics A Level is a highly regarded subject, ideal for those seeking a place at the top universities. In recent years students have progressed on to courses at elite universities such as Oxford, London School of Economics, Edinburgh, Durham and Nottingham. The Economics course has been
significantly updated and now includes sections on behavioural economics and financial markets.

Entry Requirements

General Entry Requirements:
A Level programmes require a minimum of 2 GCSEs at grade 6 and 3 GCSEs at grade 5.

Subject Specific Requirements:
English Language grade 5 and Mathematics is required at grade 6.

How will I be assessed?

There is no coursework in this Economics course, just three 2 hours long exams at the end of year 13.

Before you take any exam you will have completed at least 20 past paper essays.

Where does it lead?

Economics is useful for all careers as it helps you to make more effective decisions concerning issues such as prioritising, managing resources, evaluating and interpreting data and dealing with a range of financial issues.

You will be able to make more effective life decisions by weighing up the pros and cons of situations and understand why sometimes we all make bad decisions.

Studying Economics not only prepares you for employment in some of the better-paid occupations, it also enables you to put into perspective other factors that will determine your lifetime earnings and wellbeing.

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