Ambar Enters the World of Medicine

St Mary’s College student Ambar Siddique has her sights set on studying Medicine at The University of Nottingham after attaining a fantastic set of A Level grades.

Blackburn student Ambar scored 3 As in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics and will now take a gap year to go travelling around the world before pursuing her dream to study medicine.

Ambar is an active member of the local and St Mary’s College community as the twice elected Youth MP, Head of the Student Council and Student Governor.

Ambar has a clear passion for medicine, finding the time to undertake placements at Blackburn Royal Hospital gaining experience in a highly competitive field. Ambar has also works closely with Blackburn Blind Society, Spring into Action and volunteers at her local Maundy Relief charity.

Away from her studies Ambar is a keen sports woman and releases her creativity through her work as a bridal henna artist.

Commenting on her experience at St Mary’s College, Ambar said “the teachers are really passionate about their subjects and are always willing to push you to do your best, all our lessons have been motivating and inspiring.”